Recipes from the Road

Food from Kitchens around the World

Recipes collected and inspired from different corners of the world. Cooking is not just about sustenance – it is a journey and an art. Every corner of the globe has its own cuisine, reflecting the local produce sold at the many street and farmers markets. From biggest cities to the smallest villages, they are full of tastes, smells and colours. Once you become comfortable in the kitchen and with the ingredients you pick up, you can give you creativity a free run and make a cuisine of your own.

Recipe of the Day

This is very simple soup that is quick to make. Provided you have the right ingredients, it is elegant enough to serve up at a dinner party.

Consommé Madrilène

1L carton jellied chicken consommé
1 wineglass sherry
250g tomatoes (skinned, seeds removed and flesh chopped)
Flatleaf parsley

Utensils: Cutting board; chef’s knife; 2L pot; spoon for stirring; ladle
Time: 10 minutes

Bring consommé to boil in a pot. Add sherry and tomato pieces and leave for five minutes to warm up. Serve with chopped parsley scattered on top.