ICA hosts Canberra hail storm insurance meeting

ICA will host a policyholder meeting in Canberra on tomorrow (February 6). The Canberra meeting will provide insurance claims guidance to those affected by the January 20 hail storm that swept across the ACT and surrounds.

ICA on January 21 declared a catastrophe for damage caused by hail storms that struck eastern Melbourne, ACT and parts of NSW.

ICA said Insurers have received more than 29,000 claims (56% from the ACT, 34% from Vic and 10 % from NSW). Losses were estimated at $320m. About two-thirds of claims were for damage to motor vehicles.

ICA head of risk and operations Karl Sullivan said: “Insurers have received more than 55,000 claims to date, with estimated losses at $514m. About 70% of claims were for domestic motor vehicles.

The Canberra meeting is for policyholders who have lodged or are planning to lodge a claim or are planning to lodge a claim for damage to vehicles or property arising from the hailstorm.